Establishing Board Expectations for Events

When hosting a fundraising event it's best to be clear and specific from the outset about what you need from board members in the way of support.  Below is a list of specific and realistic expectations for board members for a standard fundraising gala.  You can customize the expectations to fit your event.


  • Donate an auction item, bottles of wine, gift cards or other items for event activities. (Be specific in your ask. How many items? What price point or retail value?)

  • Purchase a table or tickets to the event.

  • Invite others to contribute: secure sponsorships, encourage others to buy a table at event, solicit auction donations, etc.


  • Promote the event through personal networks and social media channels

  • Share connections, resources and talents. Help open doors and build relationships with potential partners/sponsors (i.e. arrange coffee dates or meetings with key partners before and after the event).

  • Be a brand ambassador at the event. Say thank you to all of the event guests for coming.

  • Make calls and send thank you letters to donors after the event.


  • Actively participate in all event meetings. Bring your best ideas and enthusiasm.

  • Have fun at the event and let your passion for the organization show!

Just as important as it is for board members to help you say thank you to your event guests, remember to say thank you to your board members.  They are volunteering their time and donating their resources to help the organization.  Events are a team effort  Be sure to let the board know you couldn't have done it without them.